Organic Cotton- Making the Switch

05 Jan 2021 0 Comments
  • Organic Cotton- Making the Switch

We only provide clothing that is 100% organic cotton and we wanted to share why we think it’s important that everyone makes the switch.  Switching to organically grown cotton is about supporting life: life in the soil, life in the ecosystem, life for the farmers, their families and surrounding communities.

The Problem with GM

  • Key driver in farmer suicides by creating an inescapable debt cycle
  • Contribute to soil acidity, a lack of crop rotation and cause harm to local ecosystems and water supplies.
  • Require high levels of water consumption 

So Why Go Organic?

  • Farmers, their families and local communities are no longer exposed to harmful chemicals
  • Regenerate life and biodiversity in the soil to benefit the health of our planet
  • 91% water consumption saving, saving 523 litres for switching 1 cotton shirt to an organic one

The Solution

  • Always keep learning, things change and it’s so important to try to keep up to date and informed about how your purchasing decisions impact our planet
  • Tell your friends and help to spread the word so that we can make positive changes together
  • Support companies that use organic cotton

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