Why Buy A Cork Yoga Mat

15 Dec 2020 0 Comments
  • Why Buy A Cork Yoga Mat

With so much choice out there these days it can be hard to make a decision on which yoga mat could be right for you.  I certainly made a few mistakes with my first few mats:

  • I went super cheap on my first mat and learned that with a cheap price you get cheap quality, it practically had 2 hand holes from so many downward facing dogs within 2 months!

  • I then thought a super thick and spongy mat would be good for a dynamic practice, imagine trying to do a hand balance on your bed and you might have the right mental image in mind (at least the savasana was good)!

  • My last mistake was a super thin travel mat that must be no more than 2mm, it certainly fits in your rucksack but there is a certain thickness where you may as well not bother using a mat.

Choosing the right yoga mat is ultimately down to the type of yoga practice you do and your personal preferences too.  One of our favourites here at Eticita has to be our cork mats!  Here’s why we think you’ll love them too:

Good for your wallet

Your yoga practice can become very expensive if you find yourself having to buy a new mat every other month!  Due to the cell composition of cork, it’s naturally water resistant, flexible and durable which means your trusty yoga mat will be by your side for a long time.

Good for the Planet

Cork is a natural product made from the Cork Oak Tree which has a unique ability to regenerate its outer bark.  After a tree reaches 25 years of age, it can be stripped every 9-12 years without causing damage to the tree which tends to live up to 200 years.  That means it’s 100% biodegradable, recyclable and renewable!

Good for your health

You can spend hours on your mat each week whether you’re standing on it or lying on it (who doesn’t love a well-earned savasana?).  Due to cork’s structure, it’s great at repelling dust, sweat, mould and other small particles.  It also has antibacterial properties which keep out bacteria and nasty odours. 

Good for yoga

Last but by no means least, cork’s great at aiding your practice!  Not only do they have a lovely smooth & cushiony comfort factor for your skin; but they have fantastic grip too when wet.

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