Packaging Sneak Peek

20 Oct 2020 0 Comments
  • Packaging Sneak Peek

Things are really starting to become real here at Eticita HQ.  Who knew you could be so excited about a cardboard delivery, right!?

Our packaging has arrived today and we were too happy not to share it.

When looking for a packaging supplier it was so important to us that we didn’t fall short of our ethics at the final hurdle of getting our products to you.  That’s why we decided to work with Packhelp. 

Our planet was once abundant in resources but we are all taking more than we should.  We felt it was important to minimise our impact as a business rather than add to the growing issue.

That’s why our packaging will be made from a minimum of 90% recycled material and fully recyclable.

We will also be planting trees every time we order packaging in order to ensure that we plant more than we use.

As an added bonus, we won’t be using any plastic when sending out our products and everything will be 100% recyclable.

Why isn’t everybody doing this?  It’s important that as consumers, we demand more from all companies in order to change their habits and protect our planet.

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